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MediaKitty: Thomson Family Adventures Announces Tips And Vacations for Traveling With Teens
Turism&Travel Thomson Family Adventures Announces Tips And Vacations for Traveling With Teens WATERTOWN, Mass.

— Just because your child has become a teenager doesn't mean you have to be intimidated by their demands or sacrifice your meaningful family vacation. Thomson Family Adventures, the original family adventure travel company that offers amazing worldwide teen adventures, is offering these tips and recommendations for traveling with teens this year: 1. Choose a destination that offers activities to challenge and excite – like a zip line, white water rafting, or kayaking trip. This will keep your big kids active, engaged and satisfied. If they've done an activity before, try in a new environment for new excitement. Look for a variety of activities that give everyone a chance to try many things like Thomson's Galapagos multi-sport trip; don't give them the chance to feel bored with the same old thing. 2. Don't forget that many teens suffer under the pressure to be “cool” all the time in their peer group. For some kids, traveling as the oldest in a group will be the ticket to success. This gives them the opportunity to let down their guard, and remember how much fun it can be to just be a kid again. 3. If you let someone else be in control, the pressure is off! This is when group tours can really come in handy. With Thomson Family Adventure trips, the tour guide can call the shots, motivate the troops, and get your teen to respond in ways you never could. Other kids in the group will inspire them to join in. Thomson takes care of all of the details. 4. Don't you want to get out of your all-inclusive resort routine? Sure that was fun once, but in a resort you could be anywhere. Our kids are growing up, and rapidly forming their opinions and habits, so what do you want to teach them? Your family vacation can be a fun and easy way to show them important things about the world. Step off the beaten path and discover the qualities special and unique to the destination – and local people – you are visiting, like a Peru Family Trek. This makes everything more interesting – and more meaningful. 5. If you create a safe environment where your kids can try new things – they will. Teenage years are impressionable, experimenting years, and a new adventure can get teens to step out of their shell. Karaoke, Salsa dancing, Noodle Making, Weaving, Photography, and Trekking? In the right context, and a more anonymous one (they won't be embarrassed to try since their friends aren't around), these unusual activities can be enthralling. And maybe your teen will discover a new talent. 6. If you let your kids be the askers, their natural inquisitiveness and leadership will blossom as they discover new cultures and lifestyles. When you travel with a local, expert guide you don't have to know the answers – indeed, you will be learning too. 7. Being a teen traveler can have big privileges. Often it seems we work too hard to make all kids be the same – but they are not, and that's OK! Some are stronger, bigger, wiser. When you plan for things the younger kids can't do, like riding bigger rapids on a whitewater rafting trip, or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it shows your teenagers that growing up has its privileges, and they have earned the right to try new things. 8. Even teens get hungry all the time. Be sure there is a constant flow of food and water to keep them fueled. Full children are rarely cranky children, even with teenagers. 9. This is your family vacation, but diversions are very useful. Traveling with a small group of like-minded and similar aged families gives you the chance to meet new people and make new friends. For many families, having company to share the fun with helps prevent the family bond from fraying under the stress of too much togetherness. 10. Reap the rewards of traveling with a tour operator. Remember, tour operators are true experts in the destinations they serve. They can help your family navigate a sea of confusing travel information to plan the best possible vacation. Thomson Family Adventures offers extra perks like travel insurance that's included on every international departure, setting your children up with overseas pen pals, and much more. For more information about Thomson Family Adventures and teen travel opportunities, visit www.familyadventures.com  or call 800-262-6255. Media Contact: Nancy HarrisonEmail: Nancy@adventuremedianews.com Phone: 970-568-7423 Adventure Media  
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