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eTurboNews : La Francophonie celebrated in Seychelles

Seychelles joined the French-speaking world this week in celebrating “La Francophonie Seychelles.

” This annual celebration brings out the historical past of the islands, once part of France after they were discovered and settled. “La Francophonie Seychelles” is today as much the celebration of the French language and that these tropical mid-ocean islands are part of the countries that form part of the French-speaking block called “La Francophonie,” as it reminds everyone that Seychelles were once part of France.

The islands' Ministry of Tourism and Culture has today the week of “La Francophonie Seychelles” on their list of national events as they have the commonwealth that reminds everyone of the British colonial era, and ''Fête Afrique,” the celebrations of the islands' historical link to Africa.

At the 2012 celebrations of “La Francophonie Seychelles,” students, pupils, and adults who have excelled in the “La Francophonie'' school competition of public speaking and grammar have received their prizes in the presence of the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange.

In a small ceremony at the Mont Fleuri National Theater, the independent school primary came out first in their respective category, Cascade primary was awarded the second place, and the third prize was given to the La Misere primary school.

In this category, the primary schools presented a small sketch using three of the ten words of “La Francophonie.”

Whereas in the secondary and post-secondary category, the public speaking competition was much tighter and open to students to choose the topics of their choice.

The Mont Fleuri secondary school came out first in the secondary category with their public speaking entitled “ the Olympic games.” Pointe Larue secondary school, which spoke about the Seychelles identity, took the second position, and English River, which presented a well-documented public speaking on HIV/Aids, came out third.

In the post-secondary category, members of the judges awarded the first position to the UNISEY and the School of Advance Studies, SALS, won the second place.

Prizes were also awarded to the national grammar competition, which was aired on the SBC (Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation) radio in the adult category. This competition was divided into eight respective categories; secondary, post secondary, adult, and professional. The grammar competition aimed at promoting the French language in the Seychelles.

Special prizes were also given to the best orators in the public-speaking categories.

In an interview with the press, the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, has congratulated the winners of the '' La Francophonie'' competition and said that he is “proud to see a young trilingual generation.”

The Minister has outlined the historical ties of the Seychelles with Britain, France, and Africa and said that his mission as the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture is to use ''the international day of the French-speaking countries 'La Francophonie,' the commonwealth, and that of the events centered on ‘Fête Afrique,' the latter depicting Seychelles historical ties with Africa to further promote the country's rich cultural assets.”

Minister St.Ange also spoke about this year's celebration of Queen Elizabeth the second's Jubilee. He said that ''Seychelles will put in the forefront its historical ties with Great Britain in the various activities organized ona national scale to celebrate this event.”

Source: Seychelles Ministry of Tourism & Culture
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