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eTurboNews : Making travel research a whiz


travel is a worldwide travel directory which, unlike many other travel listings, is focused on the destinations travelers want to visit. The directory is first organized by continent, then region, and finally a chosen destination in order to be more useful to travel searchers.

The idea to adopt WiZZ.travel for its directory began as a way to enhance an already existing worldwide travel guide, WiZZ.to, while providing further benefits to its travel industry partners.

“WiZZ.travel chose to pre-register the WiZZ.travel domain name, as soon as the new domain name extension was approved,” commented John Van Gorp, owner of WiZZ.travel, “By using a .travel domain name, websites show that they are committed to their travel website, and that they have been authenticated as a bona fide travel participant.”

The idea for the WiZZ.to Travel Guide came about when planning an overseas trip in 1996, taking in a number of European countries and part of the United States. Expecting to find a wealth of information on the Internet to help plan a two month trip, the owner was surprised to find that although there was plenty of information for some destinations, lots of it was absolutely not useful for a number of reasons, or incomplete or unbalanced, and for other destinations, he could not find anything helpful at all. Also, since he had not exactly planned where to go yet, searching was difficult because he did not know which place names to search for. There had to be an easier way!

What was needed was a website with complete quality and trustworthy information for every destination, and if a potential traveler was not familiar with the countries that may be visited, the traveler needed to be able to just browse destinations around places that was definitely going to be on the itinerary - without knowing the names of these destinations.

Not finding a website like that, John decided to create one himself, and WiZZ.co was born, and eventually the directory was created as WiZZ.travel.

To learn more about this global travel directory, please visit http://wizz.travel/ .

ETN is introducing its readers to .travel companies and destinations through a series of articles. If you are a .travel company and would like to share your story about how the .travel domain has helped your business, please send us an email to: team@eturbonews.com .

If you are interested in getting your own .travel domain, go to: www.travel.travel .

Source: wizz.travel
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Luni, 16 Aprilie 2012 - 04:15 PM

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