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eTurboNews : Opening Session

Forum Anchor: Anita Mendiratta (CACHET Consulting) Speakers: Mutsutake Otsuka (Japan Host Committee vice chairman), Jean Claude Baungarten (WTTC vice chairman), Martin Craigs (PATA CEO), and Hiroaka Takahashi (Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization).

Mutsutake Otsuka:This summit will have a profound impact in the long-term. Thanks to our efforts have succeeded our expectations. Please pass on the message that Japan is alive and endured. I hope that tourism will further succeed in this country.

Jean Claude Baungarten: At the time of the tsunami to see if Japan wanted to postpone hosting the summit, as Abu Dhabi wanted to step in and host the summit. I was overwhelmed with the decision by Japan to not only host the summit, but to include Sendai as a host for the event.

Martin Craigs: Thank you to the hosting committee for all your hard work in putting this event in Sendai and Tokyo.

Hiroaka Takahashi: I want to take this opportunity for all the warm responses from around the world after the Tohuko earthquake and tsunami. Tohoku region is safe and we have launched programs to disseminate information to dispel unfounded rumors that Tohuko region is affected by the nuclear radiation. Tohoku is safe for travel. Tourists can be rest assured that tourists are safe to travel to Japan. Japan National Tourism Organization has Japan Travel Updates in several languages.

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Marți, 17 Aprilie 2012 - 04:15 AM

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