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eTurboNews : Favignana Yacht Club President and top athletes meet the press

ITALY (eTN) - The President of the Favignana Yacht Club, Mrs.

Chiara Zarlocco, with her staff and the top athletes of the Favignana Yacht Club, met the media at a symposium to present the 7th international "Trophy Ignazio Florio."

In the footsteps of the continuity of last year's race and adopting the classical style of Olympia, President Chiara Zarlocco handed the trophy to Mr. Vodni Doprava, the owner of "Bohemia Express" (the sailboat flag of the Czech Republic) Evropska, winner of the 2011 trophy, who was committed to defend the 2012 event. The announcement of the go-ahead of the seventh edition of the Challenge Trophy Ignazio Florio, took place in a themed setting, the gourmet seafood restaurant, Assunta Madre, on the prestigious Via Giulia in Rome, triggering the enthusiasm of the protagonists of these sailboats. The President of the Sicilian Regional IVF (Italian Sails Federation), Ignatius Pipitone, as well as sailors, highlighted Peppe Fornich, Matteo Miceli, and Andrea Fornaro, with whom one could talk and test the spirits already projected into the sea islands of Egadi.

This provided an opportunity to grasp in advance the spirit of the challenge, the recipe for its success, and the voice of the protagonists who conjured physical exertion but also lived enthusiasm from dawn to dusk in an island atmosphere - a little magic, that makes you understand how addictive the Challenge Trophy Ignazio Florio is, not only for its technical competition level, but also for the boundary Chiara Zarlocco and her staff have built more and better from year to year.

The President of IVF, revealed the secret for the increased capacity was acquired by the "trophy" to attract the attention of the sailing world, and identifies the features in the image given to the event. “The external appearance is great and tells us President Pipitone, whose longstanding experience empowers himself to grant the due credit to the trophy, qualifies it as one of the biggest events in size, organization, and media coverage - a race whose echo and image is unparalleled even internationally. The credit must be given to the Chairman of the YCF, to its economic investment and organizational efforts made by the Roman entrepreneur (Zarlocco), to the clubhouse for the evening functions, to the guests who give live to the event, but also to the ability to combine sports, nature, and the event is a skill completely attributed to Chiara Zarlocco. Attempts to emulate the competition have failed. No one has a skipper at the helm as that iron lady,” he said.

The talk of President Pipitone enhances the value of a historic Challenge Trophy racer, Peppe Fornich, who immediately takes us to declare, "I was there from the 1st edition." And from the beginning, he has seen the growth from year to year of the technical plan of the competition and the number of participants, up to the entry of boats at the international level. He playfully intervened that the effect of aggregation of the racers makes “you always feel protagonist,” said the senior of the regatta trophy.

On the same emotional wave, the words of Matteo Miceli and Andrea Fornaro, and the top skippers of the YCF, Matteo tells us that he feels the strong and engaging hospitality of the staff of the YCF and the impeccable organization of the regatta. "There is an exceptional climat; our President succeeds in reviving Favignana in a spectacular moment of late summer in September, when the flow of the vacationers is loosening." Then came the emotions of another leading racer of the Yacht Club Favignana, Andrea Fornaro. He loves the windy races of the North Sea, and at the Egadi - as revealed – he feels similar comfort. But for Andrea, the day is always more exciting by the hour "even when you descend to the ground, the combination is a recipe for making these days magical, for the context, for people, for Favignana environment," he said. The organizational capacity of Chiara is taken to the star sailing enthusiasts feeling part of a broader context. "I participate in 160 to 180 races a year,” Andrea said, “while the others are impersonal, this is not."

The thoughts of this international star, who not only guided us on the race with technical method as always, but especially the fact that we could absorb his emotions, is just what we wanted to know to deepen our immersion into the catalyst secret of the Ignazio Florio Challenge Trophy, which will tell us also during the next edition, step by step, the ingredients for the best recipe, and increasingly we will sample the menu of this challenge.

We end with a declaration of Fornaro: "When the date approaches, the memories resurface, and here we are: the date is almost around the corner. This is a race that once made one want to repeat forever." An irresistible attraction, because its recipe for the human, professional, cultural, and wildlife component is unique!

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