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MediaKitty: Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure - The Ultimate Braincation
Turism&Travel Everyone needs a braincation now and then, and some more than others.

Urban Dictionary defines a braincation as “a vacation for your brain to escape stress.” There is no better escape from the stresses of everyday life than a Grand Canyon rafting trip on the Colorado River. Imagine a vacation full of incredible natural wonders, relaxation, rejuvenation, a splash (or two) of exhilaration and adventure, time for both introspection and interaction, and absolutely none of the stresses of life back home. There are no cell phones or pagers, no emails, no traffic, no bad TV shows or noisy neighbors. Guests don't have to decide what to cook for dinner or how to entertain the kids. They don't have to answer the phone, or worry about the bottom line of their business. Arizona River Runners has been operating on the Colorado River since 1970, and has seen the restorative effects of those taking a braincation on a rafting trip. One recent Arizona River Runners customer summed up his river rafting braincation, saying, “The moment I stepped onto the raft, the river had a decompressing effect from all the tension built up by work and the modern world. Not a care in the world except what hike or adventure awaits you around the next river bend.” He goes on to say, “My fellow passengers, although strangers, became instant friends. The peace and relaxation I got while I was on the river was astounding! I plan on making this a yearly pilgrimage." Believe it or not, all one needs to do for an extraordinary Grand Canyon rafting adventure is show up and just relax. The rafting outfitters and guides do the rest – from camping gear to incredible meals to river and canyon know-how, guests are in good hands. Rafters are free to decide whether they'd rather take in a side-hike or simply chill out on the beach. Asked to define braincation for those considering a Colorado River trip, the veteran outfitters at Arizona River Runners came up with the following explanation: B is for the Brilliant blanket of stars that fills the Grand Canyon night sky R is for the exhilarating Rapids of the mighty Colorado River A is for Awe-inspiring rafting experiences and Grand Canyon scenery I is for Incredibly delicious, fresh food enjoyed in the great outdoors N is for Nature's many gifts on a Grand Canyon river trip C is for Camping along the shores of the Colorado River A is for Amazing vistas and sights T is for Terrific guides to lead you on your adventure I is for the Invaluable friendships you'll make O is for the Outdoor activities on a Grand Canyon rafting trip – and there are many N is for Native American history and Canyon folklore This summer instead of planning a plain old vacation or a “staycation”, where one tries to relax but really can't, do something great. White water rafting trips in the Grand Canyon are perfect for individuals, couples, families, friends, extended families that want to reconnect, or anyone who wants an unforgettable experience that benefits not only the brain, but the heart and soul as well.  
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