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eTurboNews : Holiday spots that pile on the pounds

Holidays are the perfect time to unwind, relax and indulge in life's little pleasures, but you might want to think twice before reaching for another poolside cocktail.

Travel operators Thomas Cook reveal which holiday hotspots can make you fat.

Most people return home from holiday to discover their suitcase has gained a little weight; however, many travelers do too. New research from Thomas Cook reveals going abroad could make you put on weight.

Cheap holidays to Turkey are commonly available, yet travelers might think twice about booking after discovering that the average holidaymaker puts on 3lb during a 10-day stay there.

However, Greece is the heavyweight champion for adults who pile on the pounds whilst overseas. Despite the famed Mediterranean diet, holidaymakers typically gain 3.3lb whilst visiting Greece.

This is significantly more than what travelers gain when heading to the United States. The USA, which is renowned for large food portions, unhealthy diets and a sky-rocketing rate of obesity, only came in fourth place.

Portugal came in third place with the average adult putting on 2.9 lb from overindulging in tasty holiday treats. France came in seventh place as 'high-quality food' was the main reason for piling on the pounds.

The research suggests that weight gain typically happens on sunnier shores where you can get great food at great prices and you are less active. Holidays to Rhodes, however, could be a great option as you are not only able to enjoy fantastic food, but scenic walks to burn it off too.

All-you-can-eat hotel buffets could be the reason behind many poor holiday diets, yet some destinations are worse for the Great British belly than others. Half of holidaymakers confess to drinking more alcohol than usual whilst on holiday which can of course contribute to weight gain. Travelers may wish to fight the flab when on a Malta holiday, for example, by swimming.

Surprisingly, it's men who pile the pounds on faster than women whilst on holiday. On average, women take an extra 1.5lb in body weight back home with them, compared to a hefty 5.5lb for men.

Those looking for weight-loss holidays might want to consider Ireland, Canada or Germany. You don't need to sacrifice sunshine for weight loss, however, and exercise can be done at any holiday destination. So, whether you are on cheap holidays in Tunisia, the Canary Islands or Greece, why not go for a long stroll across the beach instead of sunbathe all day? Your belly will thank you for it.

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