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eTurboNews : Promising preparations for UNWTO Conference in Zambia

ZAMBIA (eTN) - An anonymous company has stated that it will construct a conference facility in Livingstone.

According to Given Lubinda, “Livingstone must be ‘beautiful.'” If Zambia is to construct a new conference facility which is beautiful, it will need time.

Livingstone's Airport, renamed by the new government as Harry Mwaanga Nkubula Airport, is progressing well and will be 100% ready for the UNWTO Conference. Practically everything is new and up to world standards. The main work is a new International Terminal Building which has been ongoing for some years now, but government is making sure that it will be finished on time. And Livingstone has also planted trees.

Guy Scott, the Vice President, said that many roads will be repaired in Livingstone next year. The main road to the airport has been done and is fantastic. However, although the road through town to the Victoria Falls was worked on, there may have been a mistake when mixing the bitumen, for as soon as the trucks drove over it, lumps appeared in the road. There is a mixed bag as far as the side roads go – some are fine and some need repair.

The biggest challenge may be the street vendors. With the hodge podge of vendor activities, it can distracting and challenging to navigate. It has been suggested that perhaps the government can designate a special market from which the vendors may operate. This was done in an Asia city, according to a reader, and not only did it clear the streets, but the market became a popular place with locals and visitors alike.

Meanwhile in Victoria Falls town, the border is undergoing a huge makeover, and the road to the border will be first class. According to reports, the hospital is being renovated and brought up to excellent standards. Joice Mujoru from the Victoria Falls District Hospital said there is work being done on the ground, and by March, everything will be in order.

Things are definitely promising, and Zambia is almost ready for the conference. Yes, there is still some work to do like sprucing up the image of the town, the construction work at the airport, which is close to 10 percent, but by August next year, everything will be in place.

The bottom line today is, what Zambia has now is good enough to host the UNWTO conference if it were being held today.

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Marți, 23 Octombrie 2012 - 04:15 PM

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