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eTurboNews : Geography: my kind adversary


We go back a long way.

I don't know when I started addressing Geography in the masculine form. Perhaps I have issues with men or typically because there was more to him than his opulence and attractive features. For some petty reasons, I never really got to like him. But one thing is for sure, he was one of the few that I tried avoiding every semester. Quite frankly, he came third after Mathematics and Statistics. I had meant to keep my life simple. For me, the less complicated, the happier I will be. But he was stubborn. A heartbreaker I could tell. He was no different from the mean security guards that I used to encounter on my way back to school. So it's no wonder why his name is always highlighted in my “I-will-be-dead list of subjects.”

Slowly each day he becomes possessive. Oh did I find that out too late. He wanted my constant attention, which I couldn't possibly give. Who would like to be awake in the dead of the night behind closed doors familiarizing all his famous landmarks, mysterious cultures, and physical makeup while my friends are having the best party of their lives on a promising Saturday? Not only had he wrecked my face by generously giving me humungous amounts of hideous breakouts, worst he took away my social life.

In fact, when I tried catching up from what he took away from me, at the time when he was taught in class, I opted to take a stroll in the mall. Exchanged intellectual banters with some cute medical students at the cafeteria and sometimes surprisingly found myself lining up at the lottery stand betting my bottom peso. Then he made his displeasure quite evident the next day – in a form of a very tough examination. I had no choice but to spend the following nights with him again.

I also found out that he is financially demanding. I recalled how he made a deep crater in my pocket when I asked someone to make projects for him. After that I mastered the art of gaining control over hunger. To skip a meal in a day is a return of investment on my part since I get to save for the next project.

Among the striving students in the university, I was one of those who continuously asked for miracles. All I can do best is to endure, hoping my actions will let fate smile and let me pass the subject. I have to toughen myself. Develop an extra endoskeleton for a sturdier framework so my frail figure can get through the battle they call survival. When I graduated from college, I said goodbye to Geography forever. I was hoping we could be friends and maybe one day; he will have a change of heart and be kinder to me.

Years passed, I have kept myself busy with work. I was able to earn my own keep and go out on Saturdays whenever I want without worrying about anything. Youth, with all its freshness and vigor, I was resolute to live life to the fullest. I never really thought that I would see Geography again, yet I was dead wrong. By accident I was bitten by a travel bug. I started to feel the itch. Like a contagious virus, it swiftly spread and got into my system. The more I scratched it, the more I found myself in different places.

And this is where my story started.

September 16

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