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eTurboNews : History has been made with the new policies on border crossing between Pakistan and India.

History has been made with the new policies on border crossing between Pakistan and India.

The 4-5 day trip has been condensed to 36 hours which is a huge step between the governments. Agha Iqrar Haroon, editor of TheKooza.com and President of The Region Initiative in Pakistan joins us in discussion about the doors this opens up and step towards peace between the people.

About The Kooza:

The name Kooza, as it appears, means condensing a huge available raw material or resource in a way that it creates a comprehensive whole and yet distinctly retains the identity of all individual ingredients. Thekooza.com is the only bilingual e.paper using the state of the art back-end engines, innovative technology and softwares including Urdu Unicode font typing system instead of using JPG for Urdu version as done by other e.papers in the market. Our software for Urdu gives an edge to us for increasing its SEO position, standards and search engines reach. The Kooza has its own dedicated server for running videos for its upcoming thekooza.tv project.

The inspiration for The Kooza comes from great poet-philosopher Rumi who says we need to evolve to a level to create beauty where the maker and the medium become one. This philosophy of Rumi brings the concept of Khudi that Dr Allama Iqbal presented to youth of all generations to come. The concept of Khudi actually represents self preservation and development. As Rumi transcends the national and ethnic borders in the ocean of knowledge, so is our humble attempt to provide information beyond boundaries. Let's dive into The Kooza in our quest for knowledge.

The Kooza is aimed for a first of its kind electronic newspaper and portal for the Pakistani and International market simultaneously. It will be a comprehensive guide to a man's daily life. It aims to add convenience, self development, promote voice of thought, and provide a new network for business development, personal growth and networking with overseas Pakistanis. The concept aims to enhance the entrepreneurial mindsets and create a one-stop shop.

This electronic newspaper is different from others present in the cyber world because it targets solutions than reporting problems and happenings only. Kooza does not sensationalize news but just reports what is happening actually. It will try to offer solutions through articles and discussion forums instead of only following up on news. For media, good news is no news and they go after the bad news only. However, Kooza will try to promote good also. Good is always there everywhere, we just need to look for it at the right place.

Since Kooza is the brainchild of an immigrant Pakistani so it will strongly promote soft and pleasant image of Pakistan. Founder of The Kooza Mr Burhan Mahmood Khan, who is also the Chairman of Overseas Pakistani and Director, Lions Club of Canada, strongly believes that Pakistan is not a hub and generator of terrorism rather it is the greatest victim of terrorism.

For more information go to www.TheKooza.com

Listen to the interview here: http://www.TravelTalkMEDIA.com/ERIC/oct14_12/BTR_iqrar_haroon_oct14_12se...

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