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MediaKitty: A week-long celebration of India at wildland.com November 12 - 18, 2012
Turism&Travel New film celebrates the Magic of India.

A trip with Wildland Adventures makes it come to life. Experts tell you everything you need to know.  Wildland Adventures understands that planning a trip to India is an exciting and slightly daunting adventure, especially if visiting for the first time. So as a pioneer in authentic, adventure travel with more than 25 years of experience, Wildland Adventures is launching a week long, in-depth celebration of India, November 12 - 18, 2012, which will provide travelers with online tools, including the premiere of their new film, Tigers & Palaces: A Wildland Adventure in India, to not only inspire wanderlust but also help people make informed decisions about a future trip. â€œIndia's popularity as a destination for international travelers is rising, and for some it can seem overwhelming to try and plan an authentic journey that not only explores India's awe-inspiring wildlife and nature but its many incredible cultural assets as well,” says Kurt Kutay, president and founding CEO of Wildland Adventures. “Our goal is to showcase how it is possible to touch a wide range of India's experiences in a single visit – whether within a group or customized trip.  Every moment counts when you are on a personal journey.  By providing this level of in-depth background for our travelers to access, we can help plan their trip so that we capture every experience on their wish list, while helping them to explore online places and experiences they may not have even heard about, in a fun and interactive way.” Wildland Adventures' India Week offers travelers the following tools to explore a dream trip to India:Short documentary film premiere: Tigers & Palaces: Wildland Adventures in IndiaTo help visually tell the story of what it is like to experience India on a Wildland adventure, Kutay asked Mumbai-based film director and veteran cinematographer Vikramjit Singh Balalong to accompany him on a trip in early 2012 to film and produce a short documentary film entitled Tigers & Palaces: Wildland Adventures in India .Viewers hear and see the stories of a number of first time travelers to India, guided by Kurt and Anne Kutay. Wildland Adventures will be premiering the film on Sunday, November 18th at www.wildland.com/indiaweek. â€œAdventuring in India – it can go so many different directions! This is a great narrative with engaged characters experiencing India for the first time,” says Shannon Stowell, president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. “From the shocking and awe-inspiring to the sublime, from wildlife to warm people, this video shows a thoughtful immersion into India's array of offerings. Clearly the care and experience behind this trip set the stage for a life-altering experience for the travelers.”Blog posts and links to important issuesKutay cites the recent controversy around tiger tourism as something that Wildland Adventures staff can provide expert advice on during trip planning. “The recent ban on India's tiger tourism and subsequent lifting of the ban on tourism in the core areas of the country's tiger reserve provided the opportunity to meet conservation efforts appropriately. This has added confusion on whether you will actually be able to experience one of the most awe-inspiring moments during a journey through India, the first time you see a tiger in the wild.”It is one of the reasons why Wildland Adventures uses local guides, who know and understand the issues and regulations. The company is also part of Tiger Nation, a people-powered conservation movement that is fighting to protect India's remaining wild tigers, and supports  the  Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFTigers), which advocates and supports better tourism practices in wilderness areas, with specific guidelines for operators, service and accommodation providers and visitors, among other initiatives to protect India's tigers and the wilderness they need to survive. Wildland Adventures has even gone as far to sponsor local guides to give them the training they need to better protect the tigers and their environment. On trips like Tigers and Travels in India, guests have their tours provided by local guides sponsored by Wildland Adventures. Other topics that will be explored include: - How to prepare for a trip to India, what to read, purchase ahead of time, when to book flights, what to pack. In other words, the frequently asked questions.- How travelers can experience India more sustainably and authentically.- What hidden gems are worth exploring, and experiences many may not know about.Sample Itineraries that may be customized based on time and budgetWildland Adventures is offering six unique and inspiring itineraries for India in 2013 that vary from 11 - 19 days in length and that start at $3,995 USD per person. Designed for individual travelers, families and veteran adventurers, these itineraries give an excellent overview of the many ‘crown jewels' offered throughout India for international travelers, with the goal of always connecting with as many local people as possible. In 2011, Wildland Adventures' Tigers and Travels in India was recognized by National Geographic Traveler as a, “trip of a lifetime,” for being innovative, immersive, sustainable and for providing outstanding guided experiences. These itineraries may be used as a starting point for discussions with Wildland Adventures travel experts to help create a customized journey or viewed as exciting solutions to planning a trip!Mark your Outlook calendars, check those RSS feeds, follow on Twitter, and engage on Facebook and Pinterest!Every day during the week, Wildland Adventures will use every social media tool they have to share information, answer questions and encourage story telling in order to provide travelers the background info they most crave when designing a trip that can be as transforming and rich as travelling to India. In addition, followers and fans will have the opportunity to win prizes from Wildland Adventures throughout the week by using the hash tag #IndiaWeek on Twitter and through engagement and sharing on Facebook and Pinterest.And, to cap India Week off, the film Tigers & Palaces: A Wildland Adventure in India will premiere on Wildland Adventures' website www.wildland.com/indiaweek on Sunday, Nov. 18. About Wildland Adventures Rated by National Geographic Adventure as the #1 Best ‘Do-it-all' Outfitter on Earth and Fodor's as one of the World's Best Tour Specialists,Wildland Adventures has guided travelers through fragile natural and cultural environments for 25 years, creating innovative ways to support local people and help protect their culture, environment and communities. Offering more than 130 unique itineraries in 28 countries, on a Wildland adventure vacation there are remarkably few barriers between visitors and local cultures, creating an authenticity in the way people travel and the places they encounter. Along with India, a sample of destinations offered include Costa Rica, Peru, Patagonia, the Galapagos, Belize, East and Southern Africa, Alaska, Turkey, the Middle East, and New Zealand. Wildland Adventures is proud to be a founding member of Trusted Adventures, an alliance of top adventure travel companies offering adventure trips around the world. For more information, visit www.wildland.com, Facebook.com/WildlandAdventures or Twitter: @WildTravel. An online media kit is available at www.tartangroup.ca under Media Centre: Wildland Adventures.-30-Note to editors: High resolution photos are available.Media Contacts: Deirdre Campbell, Tartan Group: 250-592-3838, 250-882-9199 (cell) or deirdre@tartangroup.ca Brian Cant, Tartan Group: 250-592-3838 or brian@tartangroup.ca  
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