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eTurboNews : Luca Cordero di Montezemolo leaves the presidency of NTV

ITALY (eTN) - Mr.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo founder of the new Italian railways company NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Veloce / New Fast Transport) resigned from his CEO position. Behind the decision of Montezemolo was the need to "avoid excessive personalization of NTV and allow it to proceed with its own identity regardless of who covers the tasks."

The Board of Directors of NTV appointed Antonello Perricone as President, who also assumed the powers hitherto assigned to the Vice President. The current Vice President, Vincenzo Cannatelli, leaves his position and remains a member of the board.

"They were formidable years,” said Luca Montezemolo on his parting speech, “I have the pride of having helped to create from scratch a company that is now an important business in Italy and Europe. Billions [of] euro investment, thousands of people, average age under 30, employed and a promising commercial success, despite many difficulties. Increasing professional commitments require me to take a step back, a decision possible at a time that the company is fully operational. As a shareholder and member of the board I'll continue to give all my contribution to the success of this company, NTV.”

New allegations of Montezemolo on Tiburtina Railway Station

Here comes the old controversy between FS and NTV that according to Montezemolo, were born at the time of presenting the NTV project that for FS meant the end of its monopoly. The querelle has followed the implementation of NTV project step by step, whereas, according to news released by Montezemolo to the national media at every opportunity, FS has been accused of trying to thwart NTV proceeding ahead.

The resignation from the chairmanship of NTV do not hinder the polemical Luca di Montezemolo that takes the opportunity to raise allegations of inefficiency of the iburtina Railway Station, from where Italo trains have been granted to operate by FS (the Italian State Railways)

“I am the founder of the railway company that has broken the monopoly of FS on high-speed rail travel. Tiburtina Railways Station is a white elephant. NTV has not been allowed to place indications to guide the NTV travelers to reach the NTV departure platform and offices (a similar situation at the second operating station Ostiense) - here the Minister and Deputy Minister of Infrastructure has never been seen - it is outrageous," said Montezemolo in an interview with Repubblica.it, the major Italian daily, however, seizing the opportunity to make a positive assessment of the project. "We are doing well,” said Montezemolo, “This is the beginning of an important entrepreneurial adventure."

The name of Montezemolo is associated with many Italian industries among which are Ferrari cars.

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