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MediaKitty: Arizona River Runners Off Season - A Behind the Scenes Look
Turism&Travel The glorious days of summer rafting trips have come to an end, and most people probably think the work of river outfitters is done.

The rafts are pulled from the river, locked up through winter, and pulled out again in spring. That would make life pretty easy for river outfitters, because now is actually when some of the hardest work begins. Whitewater trips can be tough on rafts and equipment. The rugged lifestyle makes periodic inspections and repairs a necessity. When the rafting season ends every inch of equipment gets a thorough going-over, from water purification kits and coolers to the rafts and motors. Outfitters can spend up to a couple of months repairing, patching, replacing and organizing equipment in anticipation of the next rafting season. “When a rafting outfitter is responsible for all aspects of camping and rafting trips and provides all of the equipment for participants, there are hundreds of components that need to be checked and prepped for future trips,” says Bruce Winter co-owner of Arizona river Runners, a Grand Canyon rafting outfitter. Starting with the boats themselves, every raft and roller tube is inspected, patched, repaired and painted as needed. New straps, ropes and rigging are ordered for the next rafting season. Engines receive their regular maintenance, and propellers are repaired or replaced as needed. Gas tanks are emptied into a main storage tank, while fuel lines are inspected and fuel filters replaced. The aluminum storage boxes that may have cracked are welded, and stow bags and duffel bags are checked for holes and broken straps and repaired. Rowing frames are checked and set screws lubricated. Rowing oars are sanded down, resealed and re-tipped if needed. It's also good to know that every life jacket is thoroughly checked out for broken buckles or tears and washed before being stored for the winter. Radio boxes are checked and stocked with signal mirrors and necessary forms, and radio batteries are recharged. All camping equipment is thoroughly checked over, from coolers and water jugs to cot frames and tents. Buckets are inspected and re-stenciled for various functions such as hand washing or pulling food. Sheets and pillowcases are washed or replaced, and sleeping bags are checked for bad zippers and tears. Cook stoves receive tune up and maintenance, and grills are cleaned and repainted. This is far from a comprehensive list of the work that's done in preparation for another amazing rafting season. Literally every piece of equipment that goes into a Grand Canyon rafting trip, down to each zipper, screw or D-ring is inspected and restored to tip-top shape. The best river outfitters keep their equipment in excellent condition to provide the best experience for their trip participants. A white water rafting trip offers enough challenges for guides and participants, and keeping every inch of gear in great shape minimizes unexpected or unpleasant surprises. All of the off-season work that river outfitters do to provide well maintained equipment keeps everyone safe and allows rafters to relax and enjoy their river rafting adventure.About Arizona River Runners White water rafting in the Grand Canyon offers a unique view of one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world. Since 1970 Arizona River Runners has provided all-inclusive Grand Canyon rafting trips. They are one of the most innovative, progressive and well-respected outfitters operating with customized state-of-the-art rafts, a wide variety of trip offerings from 3 to 8 day motorized Grand Canyon rafting adventures to 6, 8, 13-day oar powered whitewater trips. Contact Info: Arizona River Runners P.O. Box 47788 Phoenix, AZ 85068 1-800-477-7238 Fax: 602-867-2174 info@raftarizona.com www.raftarizona.com  
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