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eTurboNews : The coolest hotel in the world at ICEHOTEL

Ice, ice, baby: the ICEHOTEL is located in the north of Sweden, in a little village called Jukkasjarvi, in the middle of the archaic landscape of the polar circle.

The hotel is built out of ice and snow and is a spectacular art and design project. The ice which is harvested from the river Torne, serves as building material for the presumably coolest hotel in the world. Each year in autumn the construction starts all over again.

Guests may sleep in at least 50 rooms and suites, if necessary additional rooms may be added. Every room is designed by an international artist and is, therefore, unique in nature. Coats of reindeers, pillared corridors, sculptures, and a candelabrum composed of sparkling ice lead to shining eyes among guests, who are pleased as punch. At the ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL, colorful vodka cocktails are served in massive glasses out of ice. Snowmobile tours, a safari through the arctic wilderness in order to gaze at reindeers and moose, dog sledge tours, as well as theme walks to the mystic northern lights offer unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Hidden talents may possibly come to life when ice-sculpturing. Action lovers enjoy cross-country skiing or snowshoe-trekking. Double rooms can be booked from 1150 Swedish krone (approximately 133 euros) per person.

For further information regarding the hotel, please visit www.icehotel.com.

The ICEHOTEL is situated about 200 kilometers north of the polar circle in the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi. The cold arctic climate, the Northern Lights, and the midnight sun are typical for the village at the river Torne in Swedish Lapland. Visitors reach the hotel from Kiruna airport which is situated about 20 kilometers from the hotel. The ICEHOTEL consists of 50 rooms and suites; depending on the number of guests, the hotel can be extended. The history of the hotel dates back to 1990, when an art exhibition took place in an igloo on the river's ice. Spontaneously some visitors stayed overnight on reindeer coats. This led to the opening of the first hotel ever which solely had been built out of snow and ice.


Source: icehotel.com
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