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MediaKitty: New destinations and refreshed itineraries - the largest expansion of trips for Wildland Adventures
Turism&Travel Wildland Adventures is adding more than 20 new and enhanced itineraries to its collection of trips to some of the planet's most culturally and ecologically unique destinations, once again confirming this Seattle-based adventure travel company's position as a world leader in ecotourism.

 With surging interest in meaningful cultural encounters around the globe, founding President and CEO Kurt Kutay is pleased to announce Wildland Adventures' largest expansion of trips in recent years. Wildland staff spent the last year traveling all over the world making new connections and discovering new destinations to offer their guests ever more sustainable and authentic travel options they seek. â€œWe've crafted new adventures to far off lands like Borneo and Brazil, and redesigned some trips in existing destinations like Nicaragua and India because there are always ways we can delve deeper and create more meaningful experiences in places we already operate,” says Kutay, whose pioneering adventure tourism company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012. “Our forte is how well we know the places and the people we visit.”Wildland Adventures has built its reputation on providing authentic experiences in natural environments and among indigenous cultures around the world. Guides know their destinations intimately; they are proud to share their native culture and the wild ecosystems that inspire them. They know how to peel away the layers and foster the kind of people-to-people relations and connections to nature that elevate a trip to the realm of the unforgettable. However, creating these experiences takes time and familiarity.Before welcoming their first customers to a new destination, senior Wildland Adventures staff and program directors spend weeks exploring a destination, making contacts with communities and individuals and unlocking some of the secrets that don't find their way onto the glossy postcards and websites. For example, Wildland Adventures' Brazil trip is taking shape as a result of both the direct experiences of company staff and a chance meeting with a top-shelf Brazilian tour guide who is helping design a trip that showcases astounding Amazonian biodiversity and the rich blend of West African and Latin American culture around the colonial capital of Salvador. With its new Nicaraguan Family Vacation and Nicaragua Adventure Tour, Kutay says the company was motivated to explore new eco-lodges that have opened in this emerging Central American destination, where guests can trek to the summit of Cerro Negro volcano, soar on a zipline through the cloud forests of Mombacho, explore the rustic colonial majesty of Granada, and relax in the Pacific surf town of San Juan del Sur. Sometimes new trips are developed thanks to tips from guests who might have met a particularly inspiring local guide or experienced a charming boutique hotel on a previous independent or guided vacation. Other times, new trips emerge from the wanderlust of Kutay and his knowledgeable team of program directors. For more information on how the Wildland staff went about designing these new trips take a look at their adventure travel blog where several program directors wrote about how and why they chose these new destinations with a special blog from Kurt Kutay about what's on the horizon for Wildland Adventures.“On some of our new trips we introduce them as exploratory, and invite our alumni travelers to explore with us,” says Kutay. “People enjoy it because there's always more serendipity that comes with true adventure, but they can still expect the same high standards in guiding and accommodation.”To learn more about Wildland Adventures' destinations and travel styles, visit www.wildland.com. About Wildland Adventures Rated by National Geographic Adventure as the #1 Best ‘Do-it-all' Outfitter on Earth and Fodor's as one of the World's Best Tour Specialists,Wildland Adventures has guided travelers through fragile natural and cultural environments for 26 years, creating innovative ways to support local people and help protect their culture, environment and communities. Offering more than 130 unique itineraries in 28 countries, on a Wildland adventure vacation there are remarkably few barriers between visitors and local cultures, creating an authenticity in the way people travel and the places they encounter. Along with India, a sample of destinations offered include Costa Rica, Peru, Patagonia, the Galapagos, Belize, East and Southern Africa, Alaska, Turkey, the Middle East, and New Zealand. Wildland Adventures is proud to be a founding member of Trusted Adventures, an alliance of top adventure travel companies offering adventure trips around the world. For more information, visit www.wildland.com, Facebook.com/WildlandAdventures or Twitter: @WildTravel.  People may also call 1-800-345-4453. An online media kit is available at www.tartangroup.ca under Media Centre: Wildland Adventures.-30-Sample Tweet: #Adventure #Travel company @wildtravel features 20 new itineraries http://bit.ly/14tLOk5Note to editors: High resolution photos are available.Media Contacts: Deirdre Campbell, Tartan Group: 250-592-3838, 250-882-9199 (cell) or deirdre@tartangroup.ca Brian Cant, Tartan Group: 250-592-3838 or brian@tartangroup.ca  
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