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MediaKitty: Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your December Family Getaway by Thomson Family Adventures
Turism&Travel FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thomson Family AdventuresCONTACT: Nancy Harrison TEL: 970-568-7423E-MAIL: Nharrison@adventuremedianews.

com WEB: www.familyadventures.com Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your December Family Getaway Leading family travel expert, Thomson Family Adventures, offers advice for holiday travelers SOMERVILLE, MA--December will be here before you know it and the kids will be out of school, grandma and grandpa are craving some much needed quality time with their grandchildren, and Mom and Dad just want to enjoy the holidays away from the stress of work. Want to plan a multigenerational family vacation this December break, but need some expert advice, savvy strategies, and good reasons to go? Look no further than advice directly from the original family travel expert, Thomson Family Adventures
.Reasons To Go In December:   * December offers the perfect block of time for a family getaway . Every family has time off for the holidays and wants to be together, but they're spread across the country – and who has a home big enough for everyone to congregate? Let someone else plan your reunion!  You can all travel to the same destination to be together and have no hassles or worries once you get there. * Avoid that nasty winter weather. How nice to escape to someplace not just interesting, but warm and inviting too. Imagine snorkeling in the Galapagos while your neighbors are shoveling snow or discovering the hidden treasures of Turkey while your friends commute to work. The world is your oyster on an pre-organized family vacation! * Step Away from the Rush and hoopla of the holidays. Tired of the crush and craziness? Decide to do it differently. Invest in your memories and shared experiences rather than more obsessive accumulation of things you don't need. Show your children the value of learning new things and meeting new people. Have some fun too! * Take Time to ‘Unplug'. Are cell phones, computers, and video games taking over your family life? The winter holiday season is the perfect time to gather the whole gang and commit to spending uninterrupted, truly quality time with your family. Take time to let go of the gadgets and find some excitement by traveling to some exotic destination together.  Tips On How To Do It:   * It's time for a getaway
but don't plan the details by yourself. At a time when you think you might just crack from the stress of everyday life, give up trying to organize everyone's entertainment yourself. Sign your family up for an organized group tour to and become one of the guests yourself. Tour operators like Thomson Family Adventures specialize in organizing group family vacations from start to finish. All you have to do is sign up.  * Plan Ahead. December is a month of celebrations: Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve or just an escape from the dreary beginning of winter. Everyone with kids in school has a break in December, so there is possibly no better time for a family vacation, but it's important to plan now before each individual family jumps the gun and makes their own plans for the holiday break. Be first in line to make your plans, and you'll have first choice of options for a perfect family adventure. Experts recommend making family travel plans 6-9 months in advance to make sure you get first pick at the best options and to keep everyone organized.  * Choose A Destination That Excites And Engages. Have teens in the family? Pick a destination that includes activities that will challenge and keep them engaged like zip lining in Costa Rica or  learning how to surf in Baja. Want to make sure to include the grandparents or the little ones? Choose a destination that includes activities that are perfect for all ages, young to old, like exploring the culture of Panama by canoe or seeing exotic wildlife on a family safari in Tanzania. * Be Prepared When Going International. Taking your crew overseas can be a big project. Ask for their help to make sure that all passports are renewed and on-hand as well as other documentation and all travel itineraries. Call your banks and credit card companies to let them know you're leaving the country, and notify your friends and family of your whereabouts. Also, invite your family to become invested in the travel process ahead of time. Have fun researching local customs together and learning more about the places that you are going to visit. They will get so much more out of their travel experience this way.  For more tips, ideas, and information about family vacations with Thomson Family Adventures, visit www.familyadventures.com. Visit http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/4eb1bae9#/4eb1bae9/1to view Thomson Family Adventures' catalog of family adventures.  About Thomson Family Adventures Thomson Family Adventures is the oldest family adventure company, and has been around since 1998. Trips are designed by families for families and have been tested and refined over time to create perfect family adventures. Please visit www.familyadventures.comto see the variety of adventures offered and to learn details about rates and specific itineraries. No one understands and admires the desire to share travel between multigenerational family more, and Thomson Family Adventures makes it more accessible than ever to book a vacation of everyone's dreams.   
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