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eTurboNews : Unauthorized recording of phone calls to hotel call centers
Turism&Travel , you may be eligible to receive money under a proposed class action settlement.

A proposed $11,700,000 class action settlement has been reached in (the McCabe class action which) claims that Six Continents Hotels, Inc. (Six Continents), recorded and monitored telephone calls of persons calling toll-free reservations and customer-service lines while residing or located in California without telling callers that the call may be recorded and monitored allegedly in violation of California law. (Six Continents) has denied the claims. Nonetheless, (Six Continents) and the Class Representatives have agreed to settle the dispute to avoid the uncertainty and costs of litigation”.

Travel Law Update

Paris “Top Of The List” Target

In Nossiter, Breeden & Bennhold, Three Teams of Coordinated Attackers Carried Out Assault on Paris, Officials Say; Hollande Blames ISIS, nytimes.com (11/14/2015) it was noted that “Three teams of Islamic State attackers acting in unison carried out the terrorist assault in Paris on Friday night...As the death toll rose to 129-with 352 other wounded, 99 of them critically... the attackers were all armed with assault rifles and suicide vests”.

In Schmitt & Kirkpatrick, Strategy Shifts for ISIS: Inflicting Terror in Distant Lands, nytimes.com (11/14/2015) it was noted that defying Western efforts to confront the Islamic State on the battlefield, the group has evolved in its reach and organizational capability...(and) strategies that call for using spectacular acts of violence against civilians”.

In Editorial Board, What Will Come After Paris, nytimes.com (11/15/2015) it was noted that “The terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, along with twin bombings in Beirut on the day before and the downing of a Russian jetliner over the Sinai Peninsula...show a new phase in the Islamic State's war against the West...The challenge for threatened countries is huge”.

In ISIS promises France to remain top target-names of victims released, eturbonews.com (11/16/2015) it was noted that “The Islamic State group on Saturday claimed responsibility for a wave of attacks in Paris that killed 129 people and said France would remain at the “top of the list” of its targets”.

Stay Away From Sinai Peninsula, Please

In Kirkpatrick, ISIS Ally in Egypt Emerges as Key Suspect in Russian Jet Crash, nytimes.com (11/9/2015) it was noted that “Within months of the military takeover here two years ago, a little-known group calling itself Ansar Beit al-Maqdis managed to penetrate rings of checkpoints and heavy security to carry out a string of startling attacks...Now the same group, operating as the Sinai Province of the Islamic State, is the prime suspect in yet another inside job: British and American officials say they believe it increasingly likely that the group planted a bomb on the Russian charter jet that exploded last week in midair over the desert north of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, killing all 224 people aboard”. See also Egypt's national carrier banned from flying to Russia, eturbondews.com (11/14/2015); Kazakhstan halts all tourist flights to Egypt, eturbonews.com (11/14/2015).

In Stack, Egypt Security Forces Accidently Kill Mexican Tourists, nytimes.com (9/13/2015) it was noted that “Egyptian security forces opened fire on a caravan of tourist vehicles in the country's Western Desert late Sunday night, killing at least 12 people from Mexico injuring 10 others, among them Mexican tourists and their Egyptian tour guides, officials said...The security forces said that they had believed that the vehicles were being used to transport terrorists. The statement said the group had been driving in a restricted area where unauthorized access is banned”.

In Thomas & Kirkpatrick, Egyptian Military Said to Fire on Mexican Tourists During Picnic, nytimes.com (9/14/2015) it was noted that “The convoy of four sport utility vehicles full of Mexican tourists about three hours southwest of Cairo on a typical adventure trip through the White Desert...with the blessing of their police escort, and the apparent added security of an Apache military helicopter buzzing on the horizon, the group pulled off for a picnic...Then the helicopter opened fire, killing at least a dozen people-including at least two Mexicans- while wounding a tourist police officer and at least nine others”.

Newark Takeoff Slots

In Tucker & Koenig, US Sues to Block Acquisition of Newark Takeoff Slots, New York Law Journal (11/12/2015) it was noted that “The federal government wants to block a deal that would increase United Airlines' grip over Newark Liberty International Airport, saying that it would drive up fares. Newark serves 35 million passengers a year, and its airfares are already among the highest in the nation. The Justice Department on Tuesday sued to block a deal that would let United acquire 24 takeoff and landing slots at Newark from Delta Air Lines. Federal officials said the agreement would give United...an even greater competitive advantage that would lead to higher fares and fewer choices for passengers”.

GoGo Milestone

In Significant milestone: GoGo now installed on 2500 commercial aircraft, eturbonews.com (11/11/2015) it was noted that “Out of the 2500 aircraft, more than 860 have been outfitted with the company's higher capacity air-to-ground solution-ATG-4-and more than 150 aircraft are installed with its Ku-band satellite system”. See Dickerson, New York City MetroCards: Are they deceptive and misleading?, eturbonews.com (10/8/2015) for a discussion of GoGo and the pricing of its services.

Drone Racing

In Olsen, Gentlemen, Start Your Drones, nytimes.com (11/11/2015) it was noted that “The pilots are in the forefront of the nascent but growing sport of drone racing, which, in just over a year, has spiraled from scattered handfuls of hobbyists to a promising new competition. Race organizers are hailing the potential for televised races and significant financial purses...What the sport needs most at this stage is money, and in the last few months it has started to flow. In August, another organization, the Drone Racing League, announced a $1 million investment from the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross through his investment arm RSE Ventures”.

Priceline In China

In Priceline increases stake in China's Ctrip, eturbonews.com (11/10/2015) it was noted that “US online travel agency Priceline has increased its stake in Chinese equivalent Ctrip to 15% percent in a bid to gain greater exposure to China's booming travel market...Online travel bookings in China are currently less than 20% of total bookings, compared with 44% in the United States in 2014".

Yelp Plans To Clean Up Restaurant Industry

In Badger, How Yelp plans to clean up one of the restaurant industry's most dangerous flaws, washingtonpost.com (10/27/2015) it was noted that “Yelp...quietly began running an experiment in San Francisco over the past week. The pages for a small fraction of the city's restaurants on the site bear a new consumer alert. ‘Following a recent inspection', the pop-up box says, ‘this facility received a food safety rating that is in the bottom 5% locally, and is categorized by inspectors as ‘poor'”... Yelp wants the site to be a two-way platform for food-safety information: Cities could use it to push out their inspection results to consumers (as in San Francisco) while also pulling in cues from consumer reviews to conduct more efficient inspections in the future (as in Boston)”.

Stampede In Bucharest Tourist Spot

In 27 teenagers dead-killed by fireworks in Bucharest tourist spot and nightclub, eturbonews.com (10/31/2015) it was noted that “Last night, this club (Colectiv Club) turned into a grave for 27-mostly teenagers and young people-who were killed after a fire broke out at this nightclub causing a stampede for the exit. 155 people were being treated in hospitals in the Romanian capital”.

Airbnb's Negative Impact On Hotels

In New York hotels: Airbnb's $2 billion negative impact on NYC lodging industry, economy, eturbonews.com (10/31/2015) it was noted that “The report (issued by the Hotel Association of New York City) titled ‘Airbnb and Impacts on the New York City Lodging Market and Economy' presents a wide range of New York City lodging industry impacts that exist due to the existence of the Airbnb lodging alternatives present in the market. It examined the direct impact of lost lodging revenue to the hotel industry over one year, which it estimates at more than $450 million over that time. It also looked at the impacts of Airbnb as it relates to ancillary departments of a hotel (food, beverage, etc.), projected losses to the construction sector, indirect and induced economic impacts on wages and lost jobs and lost tax revenue”.

The McCabe Class Action

The proposed settlement of the McCabe class action was preliminarily approved by the Court in McCabe v. Six Continents Hotels, Inc., 2015 WL 3990915 (N.D. Cal. 6/30/2015) in which it was stated that “This case arises out of defendant's alleged policy and practice of recording calls made to its call centers without giving notice to callers. Plaintiffs sue on behalf of all California residents who called defendant, alleging that defendant's recording policies violate the California Penal Code...Before the Court are plaintiffs' motions...for class certification and for preliminary approval of the class action settlement (which are granted)”

The Allegations

“Plaintiffs' complaint alleges that defendant (Six Continents) has a policy and practice of recording and/or intercepting, without the consent of all parties, customer-initiated calls routed to certain call centers....Defendant operates six call centers to which all calls originating from the United States were routed. Before July 18

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